First blog since college!

Well, WordPress told be to create my first post, so here goes. Don’t have much time today since baby is not currently napping. I haven’t had a blog since I ditched LiveJournal in college since it just seemed to be a place for people to complain a lot. I tried to replace it with MySpace, but it just kept getting hacked, so I deleted my account. Since then,  I’ve jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. I’ve had a lot of thoughts on things that have really changed the way I think and live in the last few years, and I’d like to try to share some of them. I’ve noticed that most people just don’t engage when you post some article that you found written by someone else they’ve never heard of on some topic that they never thought to care about. So, I’ve decided to periodically post stuff that I’m thinking about in my words in hopes that someone might care to read it since they know the author (me). Also, it helps to sort out thoughts when I can type them and reread them. Thanks for reading! Hopefully I will have time to make a real post soon.


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